Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My First Kiss...

Well if you came in expecting something, this is not my first kissing experience (yet to come :)) but the first kiss I witnessed :D

As expected with most stories of this type, this one is a little different, as this does not involve a girl and was not voluntary and I enjoyed it as it did not happen with me.

It happened when I was in school, Std 10. We were a bunch of around 100 guys on a camping trip to a small school in Dahanu. It was a 3-day trip with the mornings dedicated to cricket and the nights to mock-fights and ghost stories. On the last day, the professors accompanying us on the trip went out for a drink, leaving us all alone in the school. What ensued next, was extremely bizarre.

A gang of last benchers went to the local market and got a few bottles of beer. A few shots later, they were all drunk and hitting anyone they had an old score to settle with. Top in the hit-list were the top rankers and me being one of them was due for a fair bit of the action. We did what we could best do, run and hide.

We took recluse in an old dilapidated structure next to the school and remained there for 2 hours before we were busted. We walked out in a single line, expecting a thrashing but luckily the beer was wearing off and the massacre over the last 2 hours had left the chief-fighters tired.

But we were not escaping punishment this easily, were we?

They put forward a very interesting proposal in front of us. One of us would have to kiss the chief of the last benchers. Obviously this being India and all of us suffering from a strong case of “Homo”-phobia, no one stepped forward. Suddenly we were all gladiators, ready to fight. But then the chief decided to change the terms and picked the (un)lucky guy. The choice was obvious, it was the most good-looking guy in the bunch. And with the terms being clear, none of us was brave again. No one was ready to fight and it was for the guy to suffer his fate. He put up in a valiant effort, but his protests and punches came to nothing as he was pushed in a corner and kissed forcefully.

Although this incident will be disturbing for the guy who suffered it, as I look back at it now I find it funny. Take your pick :)