Sunday, March 21, 2010


We had an intern who was a student of a reputed city college. He was given a project to monitor the resource usage of all systems in our lab. Considering we have multiple architectures and monitoring requirements, this was a fairly complex project. As part of his analysis, he was required to install a few software libraries on our lab machines and considering the number of machines, it would require atleast 1 day. It was decided he would do it on the weekends and all teams will provide him with unrestricted access on that weekend.

Plan agreed, this guys walks in on the weekend and sees Team A busy working. There is a serious production issue and this guy's work is delayed.

Date changes to next week.

This guy walks in again to find Team B busy with their systems. Again its a serious issue and our guy has to walk back.

Week 3: On Friday at 5, we receive this email.
"I am doing ABC software release tomorrow. As stated earlier, I will need unrestricted access to all lab systems. If I see anyone working on the lab systems tomorrow, I will deal with you outside XXX(firm name)"

He was fired on Friday itself :)