Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interview #Fail

Interview week at a leading IIT produced a few gems.

Scene 1:
Interviewing a hot girl, who sadly sucked at anything slightly technical.
Co-Interviewer (out of more simpler questions to ask): So you want to ask us something?
HG: I did not do well in the tech rounds. So if you pick me, will i be able to cope up?
Me: Yeah, Dont worry. There are many guys who will be interested in helping you.
(Co-interviewer stunned. HG does not realize what i said. I suddenly realize what i just said and try to keep a straight face :D)

Scene 2:
Me: So you want to tell us something about yourself?
Smart Guy 1: I hate Bengalis. I just cannot stand them. I hope there are none in my team.
Rejected :)

Scene 3:
Smart Guy 2 who has a twin brother in the same class, who happens to score more than him.
Me: So you want to tell us something about yourself?
Smart Guy 2: I hate my brother. Everyone says he is smarter than me, but i know i am better.

Scene 4:
Overheard from the HR of a very big software services firm from Bangalore, interviewing a Hot girl.
HR: So you have a Boy friend? Will you continue with your relation if we give you an offer in Bangalore?

Scene 5:
Talking to a HOD, about some lost document.
Me: A few of the original documents were attached to the duplicates by mistake. Can you please check.
HOD: Hmmmm So your originals were in hard copy or soft copy?
Me: #$$%$#@@