Saturday, June 5, 2010

What not to do??

Bhai-log, over the years I hv accumulated a lot of gyaan.... It is time i shared it. Most of these are personal experiences and others, tragedies my frnds hv faced (whom i still laugh at :P). Anyways here goes...

1. If a guy stares at you in a public place and smiles as soon as you look back, there is a good probability he is gay and you unknowingly have hit a hidden sensor.

2. Women will smile at you if they know you or they think they know you... It does not mean she likes you or is available (You can forget this, if the girl is HOT :P)

3. If someone threatens you by saying "Mein Arif ka bhai hun..." (English Translation: "I am Arif's younger brother")
Never say "Kaun Arif? Main usse nahi darta" (ET: "Arif?? I am not scared of him")

4. Never fight with a street side vendor over a bad trade (no matter how weak he looks). Remember the other vendors will join him.

5. Just bcoz u cant smell it, does not mean others cannot. Same applies for sound.

6. In the rare event that an absolutely hot chick shows some interest in you... Don't try to impress her with PJ's

7. When girls say that they will do whatever you want... They usually don't mean it ;)

8. If someone questions your existence and what proof resides to prove it... Don't show them your Facebook page

9. Don't lengthen posts to reach 10 points :P


  1. jhahahahahhaha! no.4 was awesome! :PPP

  2. LOl...siddy! that was good..:) uve learnt a lot abt girls..I would only say..GOOD FOR YOU :P :D

  3. smart :D
    u kno a lot bout girls o.O
    nice notificaions n realizations!

  4. :D And number 7 applies to all, aint it? ;)
    rofl @ no.9. I was planning to ask you where no.10 disappeared when I started reading the post. :p

  5. "Just bcoz u cant smell it, does not mean others cannot. Same applies for sound."

    LOL...hilarious! :D

  6. hiiiii Sid!

    very nice! good gyan!


  7. Ha ha...that was funny.
    Hey do check out my blog, therez something waiting for you. I guess you must have already guessed it by now :)

  8. #3, Hahahaha! This actually happened?
    What happened then? He got Arif to punch you? :P

  9. Ha ha ha thats real fun learning the gyaan. The way you presented the 5th point is real fun. Still ROFL :D :D

  10. Ooh nice one! And damn, you know so much about us :P I can't believe I missed this one...I only found it as I was getting all sad over no Sid blog posts so was stalking you :D

  11. sidi boy...kidhar ahi tu ??sooo longggg nooo seee

  12. ha ha ha....point no. 5 ...gawd..i just wish i could put up posters with this slogan..lolz...nice one sid..intresting blog here...liked it!!!

  13. :)
    First time here! Enjoyed every bit of the gyaan ride.. end was killer too :)

  14. Hey! Its ages, you haven't updated your blog :(

  15. hahahahaha... ooppppsssss
    sid... great

    do visit if time permits

  16. sid speakz..and this guy speaks awsm..lolz...

    had read ur previous posts...sory could'nt comment individually on thm... thy r all simply gr8...

    Gud Day!!!

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