Saturday, January 2, 2010


Scene 1:
At the local Shiva temple today, a 4-year old came face to face with a statue of Nandi (Bull). After staring at the statue for 5 minutes, he made some courage and touched the bull on the nose. He then ran back a few steps and stood scared looking at the bull, expecting it to follow him.

After 2 mins, he again approached the bull from the side, touched it and ran away. This continued for the next 10 mins, till his mother pulled him away. Evidently he was a little too slow to realize it was a statue :)

Scene 2:
On my way back home, saw my neighbors kid on the roof of a car. As I stared at him from a distance, he got down and stood silently at the side. The following conversation ensued:

Me: Kyun chade the upar? Gir jate to?
Kid: Bhaiya wo car aapki hai?
Me: Nahi
Kid: To aap kyun poochte ho

Me: Stunned :(

Scene 3:

On the way up the stairs, one 5-year old to another, “Hey kal chutti hai na. Thank God!!!”. And to say we grown ups are frustrated :D


  1. LOL..Aaj kal ke bacche!

    Loved Scene 2..its a classic :)

    First time here..will keep dropping by!


    i wonder why aren't people just born big? ;)

  3. lol!!! kids these days...

    nice nice write up

  4. LOL...A good read...
    Loved Scene 1 a lot. Really children are soo sweet. Sometimes their innocence makes them soo adorable and sometimes their naughty things makes us fall in love with them.
    Yes how ever they may be , I just love kids.

    This is my first time here. Liked the way you present.

  5. @Anonymous: Thanks for visiting and welcome to my blog :)

    @Blunt edges: Kids could be born big...but then conventional birth methods wont work dude ;)

    @Sorcerer: Kids are getting smarter... wait for a few years and they will be ruined by education... i will get even then :D

    @Asif: Thanks and welcome to my blog. Yup children are adorable and i prefer them naughty... they hv the ability to surprise us :)

  6. Kids are strange, sometimes dangerous and yet adorable things! :)
    Nice read..

    Happy New Year!

  7. May you be blessed with a 100 children and then live to adopt 10 more :p

    Well written mate... Keep at it...

  8. awww:) i liked the first dumb kid..i kinda associated with him, would have been the same when i was 4 :)

    and thanks for dropping by my blog..m following yours now :)

  9. LOL u bet...i can relate to that kid which climbs up the car :)...

  10. hahahah! that bull wala was too good!
    when I was a kiddie say 4 or 5 yrs old, sometimes I would smile back at the mannequins :P

  11. Only if we could preserve this innocence... :)