Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They live amongst us...

If you have read the email chain, they live amongst us... I have 2 conversations today which fit into it.

On my way back from work with a friend, passing through Dadar.

A: So this area is named 5 gardens...huh but the garden is such bad shape... (its a cricket field)
Me: Dude, 5 gardens!! Look around... there are FIVE gardens

A lil closer home...
Me 2 cabbie: Aage se right lena...signal avoid hoga
Frnd: Hey why this road?
Me: This is a shortcut to our destination
Frnd: So why are we taking it?


  1. Quit blogging about me and find something original1

  2. Yeah seriously why were you taking it? Why? :P

  3. what chain mail??what 5 gardens..humey samajh mein nahi aya

  4. @Anon: Your stupidity is my daily entertainment how can i stop writing about u :P

    @nil, Asif: Thanks for visiting

    @Sulagna: They live amongst us... is a chain mail which contains some of the most stupid statements made by people of our time. 5 gardens is a place in mumbai so named as it contains 5 gardens in a small area. It is next to VJTI college of which i am an alumini and hence have fond memories of dat place, which my frnd was not able 2 relate 2 :)

  5. visting?! i follow u,full on!
    hey you got blog rolled by me :)
    Go see!

  6. I like it a lot...making fun of stupid or annoying people is a beautiful thing.

    Love your 'about me' by the way...and will put my hand up as another kidult :D

  7. the driver wala statement had me laughing. I am so glad they live amongst us. gladder still, that I am often one among them :D